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Shenzhen Ou long you Xin Mstar Technology Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of high performance polymer new materials. The company's production base is located in Huiyang District of Huizhou, and has its own R & D center in Longgang Shenzhen overseas student Pioneer Park. The company is an innovative enterprise founded by overseas returned overseas students and senior experts in China, and has a number of first-class technical experts and senior consultants team at home and abroad in the field of plastic materials. To become a leading enterprise in the field of high performance elastomer materials in the world is our goal.

The company mainly develops, produces and sells halogen-free flame retardant high performance wire and cable materials, various high performance plastic elastomer alloy materials, PP, ABS alloy materials, plastic alloy compatibilizer, toughening agent and other products, especially in the field of halogen-free flame retardant and high temperature resistant elastomer materials, PP, ABS gold alloy, and has the leading unique technical advantages. The high temperature resistance and irradiation free crosslinking of the company is 125-150 C halogen free flame retardant elastomer, which is the highest temperature resistant and the best halogen-free flame retardant elastomer at home and abroad. With its strong technical advantage and precise positioning, O long you gradually set up its own unique brand advantage in the research and development of non halogen flame-retardant elastomer materials, PP, ABS alloy materials, especially high temperature resistant and flame retardant elastomer materials.

Olong high temperature elastomer material, PP, ABS alloy materials are applied to the new energy vehicle charging pile cable, automobile line, locomotive line, rail transit line, high end cable field, high end electronic wire, communication line and so on for more than 70 years, all kinds of electrical outer shell, internal injection parts, and injection parts inside and outside of automobile The injection molding field of toilet lid has obvious comparative technical advantages. The high temperature resistant elastomer material has high temperature resistance of 125-150 C, good oil resistance, tearing resistance, abrasion resistance, high strength, good flexibility (70-90A), good electrical properties, weathering resistance, hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance, and low temperature resistance (minus 60 degrees C), low specific gravity (1.00-1.05) and so on.

In the future, the European dragon expert team, using its more and more skilled elastomer alloy material technical experience advantages, will provide users with more and more perfect high temperature elastomer material, PP, ABS alloy material products.