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Crushing and granulation
In order to facilitate the storage, transport and molding operation, must the plasticized materials after crushing or granulation, made from powder or things like plastic. No differences in principle of powdery and granular plastic plastic, but different degree of subdivision. For the same composition of the material is made of powder or granular material, mainly by the properties and forming method of material on material requirements to decide. Crushing and granulation are the plasticized materials after reduced size, reduced size of basic function of solid material is usually compressed, impact, friction and cutting etc..
In 1, comminuted

Powdered plastic is generally will use first chop chopped sheet material plasticization, then crushing and get. Some thermal isotropic powdered plastic, such as phenolic moulding powder is made of impact crusher has and friction and grinding machine to complete crushing.
2, the granulation

Plastic majority is toughness or elastic material, to obtain granular plastic, granulation equipment often have cutting action. Granulation method according to different plasticizing process has the following three: open mill rolling sheet extrusion granulation; a cold cutting granulating extruder; extrusion eager granulate.

The classification and characteristics of plastic performance test

A part of plastic testing of materials science, with its many metal materials and non-metallic materials testing methods have many similarities, but there are many specific provisions, to true records of the results of test. The test of the characteristics of the plastic:

1 of high strain rate, plastic area. Plastics have high elastic strain rate at room temperature, is far greater than the metal, wood and ceramics and other materials, therefore, like metal material testing using resistance strain gage technique to determine the strain of plastic materials are usually not appropriate measures. In addition, the plastic is a kind of viscoelastic material, plastic zone is very wide, there are a lot of performance testing must pay attention to the plastic zone exists, not as the elastic zone as to deal with the problem.

2 significant temperature effect. The segment structure and activities of the plastic temperature dependent extremely obvious, often in great changes in temperature change ten degrees or tens of degrees will appear obvious performance. Therefore, the temperature in the plastic performance test volatility will obviously change brought to the test results.

3 deformation speed significantly affected. Has good elastic materials in the static tensile performance, in high-speed stretch will obviously exhibited brittle fracture, i.e., increased strength, elongation at break to see the olympic.



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