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Bidding is a complicated systematic work, a complete procedure, multi link, professional and strong, the organization work is complicated, the bidding agencies because of its specialized in tendering and bidding activities, have be richly endowed by nature conditions in personnel strength and bidding experience, so the international bidding work of some large project bidding is usually composed of professional tendering agent agency for. In recent years, the bidding agency business China had great progress, appeared in succession of Tendering Company, mechanical and Electrical Equipment International Tendering Company, equipment company and other professional bidding agencies, these agencies work well on tender quality assurance, improve bidding efficiency plays a beneficial role.

But the tender agent work also exists some problems can not be ignored, especially the legal nature of bidding agency is not clear, long-term government, in a disorderly competition state; some bidding agency for the project contract unprincipled to accommodate the tenderer's unreasonable demands, thus damaging the lawful rights and interests, violate the principle of fairness the influence of the tender, tender quality, even cause losses to the state and collective property.