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Copolymerized flame retardant agent

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Copolymerized flame retardant agent

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Silicone polymer frequently used silicone polymer, is a transparent, viscous. It can be obtained through the similar to the interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) and combined with part of crosslinking mechanism of polymer structure one substrate, which can greatly limit the mobility of silicon additive, surface so that it does not tend to migrate to the flame retardant polymer, and is compatible with such as polyolefin polymers.
Whether it is used as additive or as composition, silicone polymer can impact strength at low temperature to improve organic plastics. Because of the silicone resin inertia and stability, and very low glass transition temperature (54 DEG to 87 DEG), so it even for a long time at high or low temperatures also can keep the good elasticity, silicon resin can even reduce the glass transition temperature of certain polyolefins. Silicone polymer, silicon atoms in the given substrate excellent flame retardant performance, improve the processing performance, the substrate can mechanical property and heat resistance, flame retardant materials circulation use effect is good, can satisfy the strict requirements of the flame retardant agent. However, this kind of flame retardant processing technology is more complex, some need to add in polymer processing process for example. Now on the market are granular, therefore more suitable for application in polymer flame retardant finishing process. But I believe that with the improvement of research and T art, more and more low cost silicone flame retardants will occur in polymer flame retardant silicone will play a more important role in the.

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