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My first industry of flame retardant materials organization was established

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My first industry of flame retardant materials organization was established

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News of the new network in October 20th, the establishment of the general assembly China first industry organization -- China flame retardant materials in petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Professional Committee of flame retardant was held in Beijing Institute of Technology. Sinopec Association vice president Li Shousheng, vice president of Beijing Institute of Technology Chen Jie, Kingfa company chairman Yuan Zhimin attended the inaugural meeting.
The flame retardant materials industry is an important field of petroleum and chemical industry, high-end flame retardant material belongs to the State encourages the development of new material industry. China flame retardant materials industry is developing rapidly, has become the largest country in the world Chinese flame retardant material production and consumption, the year 2013 flame retardant production reached 750000 tons, antimony oxide, phosphorus containing flame retardant agent, brominated flame retardant, Magnesium Oxide, alumina and flame retardant polymeric materials yield are among the highest in the world, the emergence of science and technology, Jiangsu Jacques, a blonde number of world-class leading enterprise of flame retardant materials. Especially the development of high-end flame retardant materials, to promote the industry to speed up the adjustment of structure, to cultivate new economic growth point.
The special committee of flame retardant materials by industry of flame retardant materials enterprises and institutions and the social organizations united voluntarily, currently has 40 member units around. The committee will assist the government to carry out industrial flame retardant materials development planning, industrial policy, industry development trend and hotspot of major issues such as research, provide the basis for government to formulate development plans and industrial policies; focus on high-efficiency green flame retardant, low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polymer materials and other major project development, construction services; organization of industry of major projects project investment, transformation, advanced, economical feasibility argumentation, assessment, etc.; reflect industry development on major issues and business demands, and puts forward relevant policy suggestions.
By the election committee, the first director of the committee, Yuan Zhimin was elected as the branch of the chairman of the committee, China flame retardant association secretary general Zhou Zhengmao was elected to the Committee of the Secretary general.

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