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The supply of self-produced plastic auxiliary alloy compatibilizer T-618

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The supply of self-produced plastic auxiliary alloy compatibilizer T-618

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  • Release date:2014/12/31
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The compatibilizer T-618 Olloy  production, through the reactor the styrene monomer was copolymerized with other monomers with active group, and then add the efficient dispersantobtained before and after granulation, synthesized in two steps, thus has high compatibility. Theappearance of the product: translucent pellet, melt index 3.0g/10min (230 DEG C, 10Kg).

The compatibility of PC/ABS with good reaction activity, as long as the addition of 1-1.5%T-618,then the PC/ABS to achieve the best compatibility, moreover, kangmengde company T - 618 on the PC/ABS ratio of raw materials is not selective, any PC, ABS the proportion of raw materials,T-618 can achieve the best complete compatibility, this is both at home and abroad similar products can not match.

In addition, T-618 PC/PBT, to improve the compatibility of PC/PET alloy also has the obviouseffect.


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